The Government Affairs Service You Need

We provide the government affairs platform that's designed, from the ground up, to work around how real people function. LegiCrawler Analytics and Legislative Tracking alerts you to bills that impact your company, your concerns, and your world at large. We incorporate the natural language processing and text mining technology from our strategic partner, Contexture, provide truly top-of-the-line content analytics.

How It Works

At LegiCrawler Analytics, we've set us apart from the competition by providing a wide range of benefits to the industry. From our carefully curated issues concierge to our top-of-the-line tracking of the Democratic infrastructure, we offer a truly impressive array of advantages to your business or organization.

Issues Concierge

With Issues Concierge, subscribers no longer have to weed through long lists of bills – 80% of which have nothing to do with the issues in which they are actually interested. Instead, we make each customer's profile unique, allowing us to track only content that is relevant to you based off your location, chosen interests, and select keywords.

Lawmaker Reviewing Documents

Hot Bills

A popular API available only to subscribers is the Bill Viability, or "Hot Bills" bubble chart. This one-of-a-kind tool is a new way to keep on top of "hot" legislation. Now every list you follow can be turned instantly into a heat-coded bubble map where the most active bills rise to the top.

Predictive Analytics

When bills are introduced, they receive a zero viability ranking. Then, as LegiCrawler's proprietary metrics are applied and the bill moves through the legislative process, the bill's ranking will increase from zero to as high as nine when the bill is passed by the legislature.

Infrastructure of Democracy

LegiCrawler users can now watch, comment on, and share video of committee hearings and floor votes. You can offer your support or condemnation in real time with our help! Contact us today to learn more about our work and how it can make an impact on your industry.