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The Democratization of Legislative Research
- At free site, see tax legislation from all states -
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Finally! State legislation, like federal, is at everyone's fingertips, free of fees or registration requirements.

Legicrawler, a provider of legislative tracking and related solutions for 20 years, is introducing the concept with a free web report on the latest in key state tax legislation.

Take a look at this valuable interactive map: http://www.legicrawler.com/mapusers/itax/itaxmap.html

Interest groups used to have to pay a service like Lexis to obtain information like this in one place.

Not anymore.

The first service to do this, Legicrawler, the industry's pioneer in web-based legislative tracking, is offering regular interactive reports and related information at no cost. (Legicrawler will continue to offer customized services for paying customers.)

"We've given a lot of thought to a free service," said Beckie Krantz, Legicrawler's CEO, "and we think it's time to make this information available to everyone. Not just big companies and interest groups.

"Social media tools are transforming the way we live," Krantz said. "Large institutions don't set the agenda anymore. Individuals do. And we've designed Legicrawler's free service model for that new paradigm."

She said Legicrawler is introducing the free service this year with a series of reports on nationwide legislation to educate voters heading into the November elections.

"We're starting with a free interactive map showing state tax legislation enacted during this legislative cycle," Krantz said. "All the user has to do is enter the interactive Legicrawler map and click a state to see the new state tax measures.

"Needless to say, there has been a lot of it this year," she continued. "Every state but Vermont requires a balanced budget. With huge deficits, states have had to either reduce services or increase revenues, i.e. taxes.

She said free special reports between now and November will cover such areas as immigration and pollution controls.

Users can also do a free search at the top of Legicrawler's home page. For example, one can type in "health" and "New Jersey," and retrieve current health-related bills introduced in the Garden State.

Legicrawler's new service is a departure from the traditional model in the bill-tracking industry.

Until now the norm was for big corporations, giant trade associations and political action groups to establish expensive government relations operations and sign up with costly online vendors to track legislative activity.

Most of these tracking subscriptions cost thousands of dollars, well beyond the reach of most voters, citizen activists and casual researchers.

That meant that only the big shots with deep pockets could get a quick snapshot of the big picture in state and federal legislative activity.

No more. Now this information is for everyone. Look for regular free reports at www.legicrawler.com.

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