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Legislative Session Schedules and Bill "Roll Over" Schedules Through 2018

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States legislatures have a variety of session schedules and legislative timetables.

Most legislatures meet every year. That's true even of Rhode Island, the smallest state geographically; if you overlayed it with Jacksonville, FL, the southern city would take up close to three quarters of the state of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations (official name).

On the other hand, there's the Texas legislature. The Lone Star State is some 220 times as large as Rhode Island, with about 26 times as many people. And Texas lawmakers only meet every other year, just like those in Nevada, Montana, and North Dakota.

Legislative timetables vary as well among the states. Legislation produced in a legislative session one year may "roll over" to the next year -- or not.

Check out state legislative session and bill schedules here.

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