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States Gear Up for 2018 Sessions

© Krantz News Service, December 11, 2017


Three quarters of the state legislatures return for regular sessions in January of 2018.

Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island will convene on January 2, and California and New York are among the eight states calling lawmakers back into business on January 3.

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In all, 46 legislatures are scheduled to meet in 2018 (Montana, Nevada, North Dakota and Texas have no regular sessions in 2018).

Issues will include budget matters, funding of pension plans, education, transportation, healthcare, and a related item -- opioid abuse, which is drawing increasing attention nationwide.

An example is in Kentucky, where Republican Rep. James Tipton wants to see schools address the issue. His prefiled bill, BR (for Bill Request) 312, would require "physical and health instruction" in schools "with an emphasis on the prescription drug epidemic and the connection between prescription opioid abuse and addiction to other drugs, such as heroin and synthetic drugs."

Most state legislatures will have shorter sessions than they did last year, and lawmakers will have an eye on the 2018 elections.


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