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Legislative tracking must be free of software constraints -- i.e. web-based. You don't have time to worry about computer programs. Wherever you are, and whatever your means of access, simply log on and enter your personalized tracking site.
One facet of legislative tracking, trend analysis, has come to the fore in recent years. Why? The fact is that change does happen. And when you're paying attention to state issues nationally, you can see trends sweeping across legislatures like prairie fire on the Great Plains. So pay attention, and depending upon your interest, you can pick up on either the best accelerants or the best antidotes for that key language in a given bill.
Click into "State News and Updates" to stay abreast of legislative schedules and watch for special sessions. In the example here, one would click into Alaska for more detail about the special session.
Click Bill Express to access member information, committee hearings and floor calendars.
Your issues profile generates reports of new legislation. You can access the reports by email and your customized web tracking site, where you organize, archive, and interact with your tracking lists. But you may also do searches yourself.
Your search yields a bill you want to follow. Click Copy to the left of that bill.
You have copied the bill to your Electric Vehicles file. The bill will then show up on your permanent tracking list. Select the list to see it.
Here is the bill on your permanent tracking list.
At your Administrative Page, you have generated a report of bills that became law. Now you want to add a note on your tracking list. (You may add notes to bills at any stage of the legislative process.) Click the Note box where you want to annotate.
Scroll to the bottom, type in your note and click "SUBMIT."
For a different interface to your bills, click the Map Page.
Click a state to see a read-only version of your legislation. This interface is a good way for you to report legislative developments to clients or membership groups.
The Alaska Legislative Report accessed via the Map Page. This page is read-only. The client can see the note, but can't respond. This is appropriate where more than one client or a large membership group have access to your interactive map. But you may open up the notes if you wish, creating a mini blog.
A summary of Western regional trends illustrated on the Map Page.
Canada. Legislative trends may begin here, too. British Columbia, for example, has a comprehensive carbon tax. A proposed federal carbon tax is at issue in Canada's national election, scheduled Oct. 14.
The Map Page may be private-labeled into your firm's or client's web page for seamless reporting of legislative developments on your watch.
Another private-labeled interactive map.

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