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The Five-Tool Legislative Solution
(with apologies to Major League Baseball)
On the Road

In baseball, the gold standard is the five-tool player. A five-tool player can hit, hit for power, run, throw and field. In government relations, Legicrawler is the gold standard with the five tools that will help your company or association excel.

Tool 1: Legislative Tracking: We search all 50 states and Congress for the bills you need to know about.
Tool 2: Email updates: We email you when those bills are introduced and at important stages in the legislative process.
Tool 3: Grassroots advocacy: We provide legislative alerts, committee information and member contact information.
Tool 4: Web publishing: We provide a secure web database for you to manage your information and create custom reports.
Tool 5: Trend analysis: We provide a real-time, color-coded map page that can be embedded into your web site.

And all this for as low as $375 per month. Call us at 253.857.6590 to get started.

San Francisco May 5:
Sun Microsystems
JavaOne Conference

Chicago July 29:
American Legislative
Exchange Council
Focus : : Trend Analysis is Critical

    If you have followed legislation for you company or association for a few years, you have probably noticed something:

    New legislative ideas cross the country like gusts of wind on the open prairie.


    Because coalitions and interest groups work together to refine language that can both survive committee markup and accomplish their goals.

    And when it works in one state, they're going to try it in others.

    You may support the changes as they sweep across the country. Or you may oppose them.

    Either way, you've got to stay on top.

    In your government relations job, you differ from most people, who tire quickly of legislative minutia.

    "Laws are like sausages," said Bismarck. "You should never watch them being made."

    True for the layman, but not for you.

    You do need to watch them being made -- and watch closely; otherwise, your institution is going to find out about it when it's too late to intervene.

    And by the way, the origin of the famous quote above is in dispute.

    Some give credit to Mark Twain. Others cite Benjamin Disraeli, Clarence Darrow, or that famous wordsmith of democracy, Winston Churchill ("...democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried....").

    In any case, you know it can be a messy process.

    Keep on top of the latest national trends in issues that are vital to your business or constituency. See how

Key: White = No Regular Session | Yellow = In Session/No Bills on List | Green = In Session/Bills on List | Purple = Session Law | Brown = Session Over/Bills Dead

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