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Common Legislative Tracking Challenges
  • You are innundated by irrelevant legislation by your current tracking service
  • Your organization does not track legislation today, putting your organization at risk
  • Manual methods of gathering legislation are time consuming and expensive
  • Time is wasted cutting and pasting legislation into reports
  • No method to tag and distribute legislation electronically
Solution = Web-based Tracking Services from Legicrawler ®
  • Legicrawler ® Benefits: Custom legislation tracking | Real time data | A quarter century of service.
  • Live connections to electronic sources of provincial, state and federal legislation in Canada and the US
  • Professional legislation tracking support
  • We work with clients to develop customized legislation searches and reports
  • Our team includes legal experts specialized in government affairs issue tracking to help you track what you need
  • Custom reports - The Legicrawler ® interface that you will use is customized for your needs which will save you time

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