Now in its 21st year, LegiCrawler provides the following services to help you and your organization follow the life cycle of a public policy issue from introduced bill to final passage in the Unites States, all 50 states and Congress, the European Union and Canada, all provinces and territories.

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1. Real-time information by email and in a custom web format:
* Current bill (in real time)
* Statutory code that the proposed legislation would amend or enact
* Status (shows hearing dates, current committee, and prior committee)
* Author of bill
* Vote count (votes and names)
* History
* Legislative staff committee analyses
* Secure repository for documents, pdfs and other data

2. Manual inputting of the following:
* Add other state or federal bills
* Input of client's editorial content/data (analyst, position, priority, lobbyist, category, state, federal)

3. Search capabilities:
* Search by bill #, author
* All manual inputs listed in 2. Above
* Search/filter by key word(s)
* Search/filter by state
* Search/filter by date
* The original bill, most recent version and final version. Can save all bill versions if requested

4. Push alerts directly to the analyst for:
* Bill introductions
* Bill amendments
* Title change

5. A data feed via a Web Service Interface (in either XML, HTML or AJAX format) to download the type of information listed in 1, 2 and 4 above

6. A subscription service with a user friendly web interface (SAAS Model) to access the type of information listed in 1, 2 and 4 above and search capability for each of those

7. Custom design of client's "issues profile" and daily searching of newly-introduced bills

LegiCrawler Alerts You to Bills that Impact
Your Company, Your Issues, Your World

LegiCrawler tracks state and federal legislation in the US and Canada using social networking applications and data analytics to bring businesses and associations the most robust government relations solutions available. Since 1994.

What's New? Check out a new way to keep on top of "hot" legislation this year. Now every list you follow can be turned instantly into a heat-coded bubble map where the most active bills rise to the top. Call 253-857-6590 for a demonstration.

LegiCrawler Introduces the Infrastructure of Democracy TM

LegiCrawler users can now watch video of committee hearings and floor votes and comment on whether they support or oppose the measure at issue.

They can also embed video comments from themselves regarding the legislation or positions the legislator has taken.

Legislators, on the other hand, will also be users and will be able to access these same videos and comments.

Unlike mass emailings (dubbed "astroturf" or synthetic grassroots activism), LegiCrawler video comments are authentically personal and will give valuable input to legislators.

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